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Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training, Phase 1, 29 May – 13 June 2020, MERU

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Type of Course

Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training, Phase 1

Theme of Course

Combining a series of online webinars with a two week in-residence section, phase one provides a delightful and transformative balance of both knowledge and experience.

Most fundamentally, participants will be learning to establish and maintain within themselves the state of Yoga, ‘living unified wholeness in the field of diversity.’ This is cultivated through long programme morning and evening and extensive time spent on Maharishi Yoga Asanas. Refined practice, professional guidance and support, the enlightening group dynamics of practice together in-residence are all rich parts of the experience.

Additionally, participants will develop a deep understanding of the first set of Maharishi Yoga Asanas and will begin to learn how to teach them to others in the proper, safe and most beneficial way. The theoretical aspect includes the benefits and contra-indications, the scientific research, an introduction to personalisation and teaching methodologies, and more.

Phase one provides an excellent and solid foundation for subsequent training in phase two and three of the Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training, a complete 300-hour training programme offered by the Maharishi Collect of Perfect Health International for the first time in 2020.

This course was formerly known as the ‘Maharishi Yoga Asanas Teacher Training Course.’ It is now the first phase in a three-phase training on the Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training, which provides a total of 300 hours of training. Candidates who complete all 300 hours will be certified by the Maharishi College of Perfect Health as Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructors, and will qualify for further training to be a Maharishi Yoga Asana Therapist. The Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training is taught by Gudrun Buchzik, certified yoga teacher at 1500 hour level and head of the yoga department of the Maharishi Collect of Perfect Health International. For more details on all the available Maharishi Yoga Asana training programmes, please contact Gudrun Buchzik at


This June, Governors and Sidhas have the unique opportunity to join the first phase of a high-level, systematic training: Phase 1 of the new certified Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training on 300 hours. Phase 1 consists of 120 hours. This training-module was formerly called Maharishi Yoga Asana TTC and will help Governors and Sidhas to teach the 16-lesson Maharishi Yoga Asana course in TM centres and to the public. Sidhas will become teacher-assistants.

Organized by

MERU Course Office


29 May – 13 June 2020

Due to the measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this course has been postponed until further notice. Please check back for updates.


MERU, Vlodrop

Course Fee

EUR 1,200.-
Please note that for certain countries, price reductions are available.

Affiliates of IMAVF will receive a 10% discount on the course fee (not on meals and accommodation costs). If you are not yet an Affiliate please apply here.

Accommodation Fee

Rooms in Haus Wilms

  • Single occupancy: EUR 1,450.-
  • Shared occupancy: EUR 1,202.- per person


Please make your reservation online at
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After applying, receiving approval for the course, and making their payment, participants will receive information on how to view the webinars before the in-residence portion of the course begins – so we encourage applications as early as possible.