International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation (IMAVF)
The International Platform for Maharishi AyurVeda Health Professionals and Supporters

Scientific Research Committee

The Scientific Research Committee is conducting new research in the area of Maharishi AyurVeda. It works in close collaboration with the grant committee and is aware of grant/research funding, supports applications for grants/research funding, as well as implementation of them. This committee also oversees the capturing of patient data from world-wide Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centres and publishes research findings of new researches conducted.
Specific committees within the International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation bring together experts to strengthen and promote Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health.

Grant / Resource Development Committee

The grant committee is actively monitoring grant opportunities and in collaborating closely with the Scientific Research committee applies for available grants in the field of health, is following through with the application and assures a sound Implementation of the programmes.

Networking / Lobbying Committee

Our Networking Committee is strategically building & maintaining relationships with governments & policy makers, medical institutions, universities and health insurers. Is collaborating with patient organizations as well as Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) associations.

Maharishi AyurVeda Global Marketing Committee

The experts of the Global Marketing Committee are implementing a global Maharishi AyurVeda branding strategy including global Maharishi AyurVeda web and social media presence. The committee also focuses on the participation at Ayurveda & Alternative Medicine Conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions etc.

Maharishi AyurVeda Products Committee

Our global experts of the Maharishi AyurVeda Products Committee assure highest quality control standards for Maharishi AyurVeda Products including online real-time batch testing system. This Committee focuses on the implementation of a global Maharishi AyurVeda branding and creates a strong global sales force.

Curriculum / Course Development Committee

The Curriculum and Course Development Committee is focusing on monitoring and promoting the ongoing process of curriculum development in Maharishi AyurVeda. The committee guides the processes for requesting and approving new courses and revisions to existing courses.