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Systematic Training to Teach the 16-Lesson Maharishi Yoga Asana Course, Webinar from 6 May – 6 June 2019 • In-Residence 21 June – 2 July 2019, Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

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Type of Course
Systematic Training to Teach the 16-Lesson Maharishi Yoga Asana Course
Theme of Course
After our first two successful Maharishi Yoga Asana Teacher Training Courses in 2017 and 2018 with nearly 60 Governors and Sidhas, it is a joy to announce the third course this Summer. The Governors and Sidhas participating in this course will gain deep understanding and effective practical training in how to practice Maharishi Yoga Asanas. And after successful completion you will be able to more effectively teach the 16-lesson Maharishi Yoga Asana course in the TM Centers and to the public.

Learning the practice of Yoga through Maharishi’s teaching gives profound understanding of the nature of Yoga—the unification of individual and cosmic life—as well as practical training in Yoga postures (Asana) and breathing exercise (Pranayama) that promote integration of mind and body, supporting health by bringing life into harmony with Natural Law.

Participants will get thorough training in teaching the 16-lesson course on Yoga Asana including:

  • Benefits
  • Contra-indications
  • Personalization
  • Scientific research
  • Teaching methodologies – observation, assisting and adjusting, instruction, teaching styles, practicing, lesson planning, corrections, giving feedback in a group
  • Yoga teacher ethics and values
  • Guidelines for business startup
  • Finance planning
  • Marketing and promotion
This course is open to Governors and Sidhas. It is not necessary to take the 16-lesson Maharishi Yoga Asana Course before taking this Maharishi Yoga Asana TTC course. You will receive all of the information given in the 16-lesson course and more. (Sidhas may apply with recommendations from the Certified Governors in their area. They will be able to assist the Governors in teaching the 16-Lesson Yoga Asana course.) Anyone who does not have a valid MUM dome badge will need to apply for one at
Course Leaders
  • Gudrun Buchzik, head of the Maharishi Yoga Asana department, Maharishi College of Perfect Health International, MERU. Gudrun has taught all 11 Maharishi Yoga Asana TTCs to date
  • Paul Morehead, PhD, Associate Dean, College of Integrative Medicine, Maharishi University of Management & Director of the online MS in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine
  • Carol Morehead, Chair, Kansas City Transcendental Meditation Center, Certified Yoga Instructor
Webinar Dates: Monday and Thursday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30 CDT. (May 6, 8, 13, 16, 20, 23,27, 30, June 3, 6)

In-Residence Dates: June 21, to July 2. The in-residence course starts on June 21 at 10:00 am and ends on July 2 at 9:15 pm.

Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa
Course Fee
USD $850 .- (Tuition only)
Accommodation Fee
Vedic City Campus in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa (Everyone is encouraged to stay and enjoy meals at the Vedic City Campus, but it is not required.)

  • Room and Board: $79/day x 12 days = $972 (includes optional free extension through the Governor’s Conference July 4 – 7)
  • Room only: $49/day x 12 days = $588 (includes free room through the Gov. Conference ending on 7/7)
  • Meals only: $32 /day x 12 days = $372 (3 meals per day, light breakfast, catered by Mother Divine chefs)

For reservations and prepaying for meals, please call (641) 451-7331, or email for more information. It is not automated. You will need to call or email them.

For more information and register, please click here.