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Find out what graduates of the Postgraduate Programme in Ayurveda want to share with you!

Dr Gordana Marković surrounded by graduating students from 9 countries who are holding their Postgraduate Certificates in Ayurveda for Health Professionals

2022 Graduates of the Postgraduate Programme in Ayurveda with their Professor at Alma Mater Europaea University at Maribor, Slovenia


Dareen. S., MS, Lebanon
Well, I noticed a very big benefit in my practice. my whole perspective in diagnosis has changed. Now I can tackle deeper root causes of every case study that I encounter in my clinic.

Thirza de JongDr. Thirza d. J., MD, Africa
As a medical doctor, I have always tried to look at health from a holistic perspective. Besides that, I always had a big interest in food and nutrition as well as herbal medicine, but it was only when I started learning more about Ayurveda, that everything fell into place.
During the course I have learned so much from Prof. Markovic. After completion I felt like I have all the knowledge needed to start practicing Ayurveda. We were encouraged by Prof. Markovic to put everything we learned into practice immediately, which has been very valuable for the learning process.
The Postgraduate taught me to approach health from a different, more holistic perspective, while still valuing allopathic medicine. It has also given me a different view on cause of disease and treatment, which for me has been very valuable as I now approach health and disease from a different perspective, including many treatment modalities and lifestyle interventions.

Vesna MajesVesna.M., Slovenia
I completed my postgraduate studies in Ayurveda in April this year at the European University of Alma Mater, under the watchful eye of Professor Dr. Gordana Markovic. Before that, I was lucky to have met Ayurveda, as we are importers of Maharishi Ayurveda for Slovenia. But after finishing these studies, the exact theory of Ayurveda and the practical knowledge of reading the pulse, a whole new world opened up. Dr. Gordana has prepared each of us extremely well for the fact that immediately after studying we can start confidently and successfully performing the work of Maharishi Ayurvedic Therapist.

Jadranka R.,  CroatiaJadranka R., Croatia
The course indeed not only met but exceeded my expectations because the knowledge we got is at the same time so thorough and deep and also so very practical that we all could start applying it immediately.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Gordana Marković who was the main lecturer and was with us practically all the time throughout the study. Her knowledge and deep understanding of Ayurveda is so great as is her ability to transfer it to us. Also, I need to mention Dr. Walter Moelk, who gave us some lectures also and was with us during the whole study, although not so intensely as Dr. Marković. His deep and thorough insights and knowledge of Ayurveda, theoretical and practical, were also very important and helpful, together with his great sense of humor. We also had a few great lectures with Dr. Picha and Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger.
I would recommend this programme very much to all health professionals because it gives so much useful and so complete and practical knowledge about how to restore and, most of all, maintain health.

Noel O., B.Sc.Noel O., B.Sc., Ireland
Yes, the course exceeded my expectations. I found the pulse diagnosis very useful.
… We dealt with many people with a wide range of conditions, this gave me the confidence to know I can help anyone who comes through my door.
I think many health professionals feel very limited by what they can offer, this course opens up a whole new range of possibilities for them. Everything in Ayurveda feels very practical and is being more and more supported by scientific research. This is a great option for any healthcare professional who wishes to empower their patients to achieve better health.
Every health care professional should do it!


These are testimonials by the first group of students who started the Postgraduate Certificate Program in Ayurveda at Alma Mater Europaea in 2021.