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Advanced Seminar for Maharishi AyurVeda Health Professionals, 15–23 April 2016, MERU

Type of Course

Advanced Seminar for Maharishi AyurVeda Health Professionals


Clinical Use of Veda Herbs


The seminar is open for physicians who have already been trained in Maharishi AyurVeda and it can be particularly recommended to those who have been on the first course of Veda herbs with Ashtavaidya in the 1990’s.

Organized by

Maharishi College of Perfect Health
International Training Centre for Maharishi AyurVeda

Course Leaders

Ashtavaidya Mooss, Ravi Mooss (Ashtavaidya’s son), Dr. Walter Mölk


15 – 23 April 2016


MERU, Station 24, Vlodrop and Willem Alexanderlaan 1, St.Odilienberg, The Netherlands. Meetings will be held primarily in St.Odilienberg.

Course Summary

The topic of the seminar is the clinical application of a selected number of the most effective and readily available Veda herbs. This advanced seminar offers a unique occasion to learn from the greatest experts in this field. We don’t know when they will be able to travel to Europe again in the future, so we hope everyone can participate in this rare opportunity.

Course Fee

EUR 640

Reduction for Affiliates who pay full annual fee: EUR 40

There is a partial scholarships for course participants from less wealthy countries e.g. from Eastern Europe and developing countries (details available upon request).

The course fee includes organic vegetarian meals and all course materials, Vedic Recitations in Maharishi’s Peace Palace at MERU as the schedule allows, and participation in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi group programmes. Accommodation fees are additional.

Accommodation Fee

Rooms at MERU in St.Odilienberg

  • Single occupancy: EUR 320
  • Double occupancy (two persons in a room): EUR 220 per person

Special Points

  1. In the 5 to 6 weeks following the seminar you will have the very special opportunity to take a Panchakarma treatment in our health centre in St.Odilienberg under the direct guidance of Ashtavaidya. Also patients of yours are welcome. During this time there will be a 10% reduction for the treatments!
  2. There is also the unique opportunity for physicians, who have already been trained in Maharishi Panchakarma, to stay after the seminar and learn directly from Ashtavaidya how to prescribe and monitor the different Panchakarma treatments and ask questions (a kind of “bedside teaching”.)


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There are several payment options (after your application has been confirmed):
Bank transfer; online with PayPal or credit card; cash on arrival.